And when I'm gone...

Clare Maguire se ha sacado de la manga un disco que compite con Adele por ver cual de los dos consigue que me corte las venas.

Como Adele está muy quemada, vamos a seleccionar frases de ese gran disco que es Light After Dark:

Well now it seems there's far too many adverts in between

I'm not afraid of danger in the dark

You and I
Felt so good to begin with didn't we?

[The Shield & The Sword]

I wasn't ready to lose you

Got to try move on but I promise you
I will kiss your crown when life takes me down

I just can't feel the beat
'Cause my heart's fallen out

And it seems I've lived my life
With you as my rhythm, yeah

[The Last Dance]

Guess you won't miss
What you don't need

If you find another
Maybe you'll discover
True love just won't get up
And leave


Given up the fight
Cause you make me surrender

[I Surrender]

I was told a dead man was heavier than a broken heart
Am I dead now?

It's so hard to believe it
But at the end of it all it's true

You shot this bullet
Through my bones


Three long years never fly away
Three small words speak again

[Sweet Lie]

But now prices will be paid
When I walk in the path
Of all you guilty ones someday

And when the times change
I'll go away I'm away

[Break These Chains]

Should have gone my own way
But I didn't run just to hide
I ran for a better life

You're electric you light up my world when it's hard to take
So let's run away

[You're Electric]

Will you promise me that
You'll steal the night again

[Ain't Nobody]

We're not trying to be clever no
We're not trying to be cool
Sometimes it feels like it's just me and you

We'll change it all
We'll rise then we'll fall
We'll love then get lost

We have one chance
To go where we go
You have shown me
And now I have seen it I know
It's forever oh we're forever

[Light After Dark]

So dry your eyes
And lay me down
I tell you this is not the end

I hope that life will pass you by
As softly as the falling leaves

[This Is Not The Ends]

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